No Nannies Conference

We are going NBR


2-4 September

This is a unique event at Nürburgring where only 996 & 997 GT cars and our friends in 964's & 993's will be on track!

Also Cup & racecars of the 964, 993 and 996 generation are invited for this event. Slick tyres allowed

This exclusive event is celebrating our passion for our cars and the Nürburgring. We share some great track driving with the members of the 964 Tribe Hangout, guys that has the same relationship to their 911's  cars as we do.

All info & tickets at 4367 Tribute!

Our 1st event

At our first event in August 2023 we gathered some 30 cars at the DN Events. We had two days of driving, the first in sunshine but for the photoshoot in the early morning of the 2nd day the weather was a little bit more challenging

More pictures at our NNC Facebook

What to expect?

It´s all about having a good time sharing inspiration, insights and, of course, meeting new and old friends.

You can also look forward to a driving experience that goes BEYOND what we normally can expect when we join a trackday.

To share the passion with likeminded owners of the same generation GT3´s both on track and in between driving session, will be just fantastic.

How fast you are is not important. Having fun, staying safe and being entusiastic about your trackdriving with your GT3 is what counts. 

How to register for the upcoming events?

As we have the dates for comming events confirmed, we will let you know. Best way to stay updated is to sign up for our newsletter below and to join our social media.

MANTHEY RACING will also 2024 be supporting our passion. As those of you who attended the Manthey "inspirational session" at the first gathering know,

Manthey has a very active program for the 996 & 997 GT cars. Everything from 4.0 or 4.2 engine conversions to KW suspension and much more. Not in the least the setting up of our cars for the Nordschleife does wonders!

My story

In short, I am like most of us, just another entusiastic driver who is convinced that my best driving experiences lies ahead of me!

When it comes to my Porsches, new or old, they are all drivers cars, used as tracktools or daily drivers.  

I try to spend some of my time at the track in various ways and I am fortunate to also manage to fit in a few track releated "Passionate Projects" where the NNC is latest.  The 964 TRIBE HANGOUT is another. 

Once in a while, I also share some of my track experiences at TRULY DRIVEN  with likemined at my "accidental" Youtube channel :-) 

Let me know what you think! 

Hope to see you at the Nordschleife!

Jonas Nilsson